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in the desert in the winter of 1997 when i was broke kumbaya broke and and on drugs. in mexico city where i was lucky enough to go under a book contract from the art. i got advance said dream come true and in mexico city i had crossed the deadline and not one word written. i was broke i called the only friend i could count on because lifestyle allowed me to destroy relationships of friend and mentor to the solidarity network and said species begins spanish she had been to be living in bet negative would treat california. there are circumstances that led her how did she went up in the desert? everybody has a story how they got there. she said we will give you a place to live. wrote shortly thereafter one of the first things that i saw that says services 100 miles. year at 29 palms by joshua tree i fell to go further out. that is on the edge of a beautiful national park. you know, the album at least. [laughter] you know, what the joshua tree looks like. crazy arms. i wanted to go further out. there is something existential driving be further out to the big and the. also because the event go
by these principles. >> are they principles you had and used when you were governor of new mexico? >> always, always, and i actually delivered one of my state of the state addresses using the seven principles. look, here's how we need to conduct ourselves, and, anyway, just very -- very common sense. >> if you would, your philosophy and libertarian's philosophy on the role of government, the right size of government. >> so libertarian philosophy, with a broad brush stroke, the notion that most of us in the country are socially accepting and that we're fiscally responsible. that's a broad brush stroke, a broad brush stroke is wearing a pin lapel pin saying "i'm pro-choice regarding everything." well, pro-choice regarding everything means that actually if your choices involve putting other people in harm's way or your choices defraud or harm another human being, then that's when the government -- that's where the government has a role, to protect us against individuals, groups, corporations that would do us harm. >> as governor, did you -- did you shrink the size of the state government? do you -- you
canaveral, mexico city or any other city in the south eastern parts of the united states. >> shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba or any nation in the western hepls -- hemisphere as an attack. requiring a full retaliatory response. >> it almost seemed the day as if time stood still. the shooting hasn't started yet but there weren't any real encouraging signs that it could be avoided. but worried, alarmed, afraid perhaps even the american public nonetheless appeared determined and resolved. this is walter cronkite, good night. >> president kennedy would play one last card for a peaceful resolution. >> kennedy engaged in the least abnoxious option which is to engage a naval blockade. >> reporter: experts say any invasion fleet would almost certainly been annihilated by the missiles already in place. >> we would have sailed into this and i would think unless -- they would not have been able to stop it. >> as the stable stakes that the unite would take no action. >> his ploy had not worked. and by being willing to back down with blowing u
en amÉrica en mexico 7 de cada 10 personas tienen sobrepeso >>> el gastos de la obesidad es de 145 mil millones de pesos, pero la situaciÓn no es diferente en el resto del continente, los Índices de sobrepeso preocupantes, primero estados unidos lugar venezuela, luego bolivia, luego chile y colombia al menos una de cada 2 personas sufre exceso de peso >>> cambiÓ nuestra vida a un seno proceso de comer rÁpido >>> y lo grave que si no se cuida la obesidad es mortal. >>> hipertensiÓn arterial, colesterol alto en la sangre nos llevarÁ a infarto del corazÓn, principal causa de muerte. >>> pÉsima alimentaciÓn, falta de ejercicio por las rutinas diarias y males genÉticos sobre las principales causas >>> de seguir creciendo sthepes m fenÓmeno y los paÍses no serÁn suficientes para contrarrestar la llamada epidemia del siglo xxi >>> siguen las malas noticias para lance amstrong, algunos que recaudan fondos, piden que le regresen el dinero porque son tienen que estÁn desilusionados, el 7 veces ganador del tour de francia, renunciÓ hace unos dÍas como presidente de la fundaci
down in september while walking to high school. think new mexico reported robbery could play a role in killer.find his -- think and unreported robbery helpingay a role in find his killer. it is possible the same committed both crimes. the first looking for victim. ona story you will see only 7. a security guard will ended at research council is getting some recognition. was honored by the keep for his efforts to that situation from turning tragic. has more in this interview with a guard. i asked him if he was frightened when the man tried to way into the family research council. johnson said even though he was able toore he was man, he was reacting situation. he was never afraid. today, he was honored in a ceremony and given the city's medal of honor. family and extended family escorted him to the ceremony, they could not say enough. >> he is great. i taught him well. >> i am proud of him. he is a good young man. >> august 15, at this alleged tried to shoot his way the family research council johnson worked security. he did not let the opposition to marriage. shot and johnson, but h
ultimos 2 anos. analistas de la relacion con mexico dicen que de continuar estos incidentes se convertirian en 1 problema. christopher wilson, wilson center del lado de estados unidos si puedo entender que nuestros agentes necesitan poder usar fuerza para su defensa, eso para cualquier agente necesita poder hacer esto. pero a la vez necesitamos unos procedimientos, 1 cultura que minimiza este tipo de eventos.ee proteccion de aduanas y fronteras, de donde depende la patrulla fronteriza, indico que coopera totalmente cada vez que se abre 1 investigacio n. el caso de hernandez llego a washington cuando familiares en mayo pasado pidieron 1 investigacion federal. bernardo hernandez, hermano de anastasio hernandez pues las investigaciones que se han hecho, y la policia de san diego ya declaro el caso que fue 1 homicidio. la autopsia dice que es 1 homicidio, ahora queremos que de la la batalla para captar la mayoria de los votos sigue enfocandose en vginia... hoy el presidente obama se presento en la universidad de george mason y hubo actividades a favor de mitt romney... esta vez...
wanted to visit mexico. nice >> eric: it's beautiful. in florida, not mexico. a beautiful day. 85 and sunny. we got here, i got here around 11:00 this morning. people feeling the energy coming. at 3:00, the place was packed. energy is amazing. this is an epic debate. people are tuned in to what this is about. it jumped to senator john mccain first. what do you expect out of this and romney tonight? what do you expect out of obama? mccain said romney should make it clear he is not interested in fighting every fight and he has a policy of strength, peace through strength. as far as the president's concerned, let me just finish, as far as the president is concerned he said he thinks that president obama has been less than transparent with the american people. i bumped in to senator graham. he was vehement how important the debate was defining the foreign policiful he feels that obama's group is trying to redesign romney in a way he doesn't need to be defined on his own. a lot on the foreign policy debatech >> bob: i have two questions. how many pictures did you have taken down there?
out on her. >> maybe you ought to call your father and tell him about it. >> i can't, he's in mexico with sally. >> where's mexico? >> stahl: this was your sense of it? so you blamed your father? >> steven spielberg: i did pin it on him. >> stahl: but that wasn't what really happened. >> arnold spielberg: she fell in love with another guy. >> adler: yes, with one of his friends. >> stahl: you fell in love with on of his friends. did steven know that? >> arnold spielberg: no. he didn't know that right away. he thought i divorced her. >> stahl: so, wait a minute, you fell in love with his friend. you left him, but steven blamed you. >> arnold spielberg: that's right. >> stahl: thought you had left her. >> arnold spielberg: yeah. >> stahl: and you didn't tell him? >> arnold spielberg: that's right, not for years. >> stahl: why? >> arnold spielberg: i don't know. i think i was just protecting her, because i was in love with her. >> stahl: even though she left you, you were still in love with her? >> arnold spielberg: yeah, still do. >> adler: he forgave me, i think. i was so unhappy. he
in mexico and worked as a mechanic fixing the farm equipment in the central valley. some of my childhood memory ss watching laborers work for little or no compensation at a young age based on what i witnessed i developed a understanding of economic injustice. growing up in the 60s my life experience has shaped my activism and my desire to promote meaningful change for my community. in 1982 i moved to the bay area and began taking classes at san francisco state university. eventually i finished at the california institute of integral studys. i worked for a number of stockbrokerages in the financial district, and my professional career, and at night, i got more and more engaged in the local activist community advocating for various issues important to me including igbtq and tenant right issues. in 1982 my life was changed forever when my mother was involved in a serious car accident. for the next seven years, her care became my priority. upon her death, i quit my job and became a community organizer at the commission agenda. there, i fought for the rights of low income tenants and immigran
focusing on the company's oil leases in the gulf of mexico. as they increasingly go toe-to- toe with u.s. companies around the world, chinese state-owned companies present a crucial challenge to u.s. policy makers. >> and thas creating pressre not only politically, but also pressure from the business community saying "how are we, a private company, going to compete with the largeness and power and the funding of a entire government?" >> reporter: in the last three months chinese companies invested $3 billion in the united states, and a report by the rhodium group predicts the dealmaking will soon expand beyond energy, into services like entertainment, hotels and finance. darren gersh, "n.b.r.", washington. >> susie: on wall street today, investors were hesitant to buy stocks ahead of tonight's big presidential debate. they were also pre-occupied with that flood of earnings we told you about earlier. and, as suzanne port, revenues are the key worry for investors, and a big theme of tonight's "market focus." after the close, texas instruments reported a decline in revenues, due to fallin
gifts, such as the very last volkswagen beetle to roll off the assembly line in mexico. >>> that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. join us next week for the final part of our new miniseries, "none of the above," on the fast-growing number of americans who say they have no religious affiliation at all. you can follow us on twitter and facebook and watch us anytime on smartphones. there's much more about the religiously unaffiliated on our website, where you can take our new survey for yourself. you can comment on all of our stories and share them. audio and video podcasts are also available. join us at pbs.org. as we leave you, more scenes from the mass and pilgrimage for life and liberty at the national shrine of the immaculate conception.
and florida and maybe new hampshire and be in new mexico. that is it. colorado too. is we are your go-to debate station. you can join the conversation via facebook and twitter and then at 11:00, we will fact check the candidate statements with the wusa fact checking team. >>> early voting begins today and you can vote between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 at night. for the exact locations go to our website. >>> trial for adrian johnson begins in prince george's county today. 37-year-old is charged with reckless driving. he was allegedly driving drunk when his vehicle hit 18-year- old lawrence garner jr. jury selection will begin in the morning with openings to follow sometime late morning or early afternoon. meanwhile services have been set for former south dakota senator george mcgovern. george mcgovern has died. funeral services are friday at the washington pavilion of arts and sciences in sioux falls. a private burial will take place at a later date at rock creek cemetery. >>> nearly 20% of those providing care for an adult over the age of 50 are hispanic. when we come back a special campaign
some kind of closure with its mexico liabilities, then potentially bp is back on a relatively smooth path. having said that, of course it's taken an enormous amount of damage since the gulf of mexico disaster. but, yes, as of today, i think i'd rather be with chevron but i wouldn't give up on bp at all. >> let's move on to the canadian government. the bid for the canadian bid has been watched and we have this report. >> resources nationalism a term typically applied to emerging countries, but after canada blocked the pat troe mass acquisition, many are opening how canada is to foreign investment. also claims to the deal won't bring net benefits to the country. supporters say that the government has been short on the precise reasons as to why they have blocked this deal and they have been short on transparent city. what we know is petro bass has 30 days in which to adjust the terms before a final decision is made. speaking to us here the energy minister was very pragmatic and there were alternative investments that malaysia could pursue. >> if we have an opportunity to i in-vest in ca
mission control in new mexico, as well as his family and friends. >> i had tears in my eyes when i was coming back. >> reporter: his parachute deployed and felix glided back to earth. >> when i was standing there on top of the world, you become so humble, you want to come back alive. because you do not want to die in front of your girlfriend and all your people watching this. >> that is just heart-stopping. national geographic channel will air a special two-hour program on the historic jump. that premieres in november. >> what a perspective there. >> wow. >>> a traveler that was hopping mad. we'll tell you how this kangaroo wound up at the airport, and who was able to round her up. >>> and a good samaritan takes matters into his own hands. an unusual weapon that stopped a fight on the subway. >>> i'm wendy rieger. come ugh up at 5:00, a jogger knocked out and sexually assaulted along a popular trail. >>> a transportation mystery solved in northern virginia tonight. >>> i'm tom sherwood. the national election is november 6th, two weeks away. but people are voting today. i'll have th
-brainer to bring very cheap oil from north dakota and canada down into the gulf of mexico for the market really give as big fat target for the romney campaign to seize upon right now. sandra: we just spoke to, i guess about the middle east conflict. obviously that's been what is supporting oil prices. do you believe that conflicts in the middle east will continue to support those oil prices around $90 a barrel? >> well they certainly create the template for these quick price shocks in oil. so indeed if syria, which is, a surrogate of iran, if that does indeed foster further trouble in lebanon, lebanon is israel's neighbor, it is not hard to imagine what could transpire there. that could certainly create a price shock for oil but can it last? we have to keep in mind the oil markets or the oil bulls are junkies. they need that headline. oil prices two weeks ago were surging higher because of the conflict between turkey and syria but we really haven't gotten any sort of new headlines in that manner. so now prices are coming down. so the bulls need their fix right now. so what this is telling you i
think you will see a decline. not in time for election. >> also, mexico, remember, just near the u.s. border has announced it's opening refineries. there's been so much pressure, increasing refinery pressure in the u.s. hasn't been able to happen but if you have that capacity coming online in mexico or that region, it will be another source of downward pressure on prices. >> we've become -- untold story. one candidate, wake up, huge exporter of refined products. this is a disaster because we have jones act doesn't let us take ships up to the east. we don't have the pipeline capacity. so we're shipping frantically refined product. >> that's one of the reasons the consumer here in the u.s. hasn't seen so much relief. so much of the product is being exported. it's interesting the way consumer sentiment held up, despite the fact gasoline has been making new monthly fresh highs. if that continues going into the holiday season, you see the forecast going up 4%, they don't look too stretched. >> we talk about the refi, quote/unquote, boone in this country. >> those stocks have held up, ex
barons from mexico and india. once deputy editor of the globe and mail in canada and the correspondent for the financial times and the economists she is now the editor of thompson reuters digital. we're joined by matt taibbi who has made the magazine rolling stone a go-to source for understanding the financial scandals in rural america. who can forget his 2009 article on the great american bubble machine. which describes goldman sachs as a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity relentlessly so jabbing its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. welcome to you both. income inequality has soared to the highest level since the great depression. with the top 1% taking 93% of the income earned in the first year after the recovery. the first full year after the recovery. why are the two candidates not talking about inequality growing at breakneck speed? >> you know, i think because it is still a taboo in american political life. and in american cultural life. one of the economists i talked to who works for the world bank, and he said to me, you know, and he's a sp
of mexico or heavy oil from venezuela. there's lots of oil in these places, but they're not going to flow at the kind of prices that u.s. motorists want to fill up at. >> jeff, i think i agree with you that there's very little that the president can do about gas prices. it's simple supply and demand, so then isn't the only thing that an american president should say about gas prices is that he promises to release as much u.s. oil into the population as he possibly can as we can possibly sustain to keep demand low and supply high? >> well, as i say, the strategic reserve a finite amount and you can artificially depress oil prices temporarily. >> right. >> but you're going to have to rebuild that. let's hear what the market a telling us. brent today is $110 a barrel. that's telling us that oil is getting scarce and dear. the message should be to consume less, not to override it with artificial government policies like releasing strategic reserves or cutting gasoline taxes because really what we're doing is overriding the market's message and that's going to make it more difficult, not easie
country and clearing people out from other countries. 95% of the people in mexico want to come here to work, you know what i mean? all i have to say is that under the obama administration, what he is trying to create in the united states is why they are running away from mexico. host: we are talking about foreign policy and what you would like to hear the candidates asked tonight. let's look at this nbc news poll that has gotten a lot of attention over the last 24 hours. you can see the gender gap there. men prefer mitt romney 53% to 43%. when, however, prefer president obama 51% to 43%. the poll also asked about feelings towards candidates on a range of issues, including foreign policy and who would do a better job. 46% said president obama. kathleen in ohio. as we listen to kathleen, we will take a look at the outside of the debate hall, the site of tonight's debate. caller: thank you. the president and the vice president are coming to ohio tomorrow, so we are excited, but i would like to see both of them focus on the facts in regards to, for instance, iran. i follow a former bush
roosevelt invading mexico in response to pearl harbor." that's what we have here. and what we need now is a president who understands how to bring these other countries together to recognize their stakes in this. they do have stakes in it. they've always had stakes in it. the arab countries have a stake in not having a civil war. the european countries have a stake in not having total disorder on their doorstep. but this president hasn't even held the kind of statesman-like summits that pull people together and get them to invest in those states. in fact, he's done the opposite. he pushed them away. when the secretary general kofi annan offered the united nations, he said, "no, no, we'll go do this alone." to save for halliburton the spoils of the war, they actually issued a memorandum from the defense department saying, "if you weren't with us in the war, don't bother applying for any construction." that's not a way to invite people. >> ninety seconds. >> that's totally absurd. of course, the u.n. was invited in. and we support the u.n. efforts there. they pulled out after sergio de m
. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com >> a professor at the university of new mexico has developed a dissolvable mouth strip that can leave the pain caused when a person burns the top of their mouth eating pizza. finally an alternative to waiting a minute. just wait a minute. >>> hard to wait a minute, norah when the cheese is staring at you calling your name. >> exactly. when its melting. welcome back, everybody to cbs "this morning." traditional stores may be losing ground to online competitors so with the holidays coming up they are fighting back. >> target and best buy are offering to match the online prices of many products and other big chains have other ideas. jack otter executive editor of cbs moneywatch.com is watching the competition and can sort it all out for us. i'm thinking this is good news for the customer. >> it is. bad news for the store. it's a sign of desspar ration. best buy is on the ropes. they said okay whatever those guys are doing our competition is killing us we'll match the price. the problem is what people are doing they walk into a best b
elections in the past. it's not the ones you mentioned, it's like new mexico and some other states. >> right. megyn: but they say, look, we had an ini invitation from themn the past, and we're going to take them up on this in the future. are they allowed to go into any state that hasn't specifically paveed the way for them to do that? >> well, certain states do allow for the unite nations' monitors to go in, in fact, the body that the naacp has approached, the osce, is something the united states has been a part of for the past ten years. think of it as a foreign exchange student program where you go in and watch one another's elections to learn. that is wholly different from the way that this is being spun. it's being presented as, um, as international observers coming to stop, to monitor and police inside of american elections. that is where i think the line has to be drawn. megyn: yeah. they're supposed to monitor an array of activities including potential disputes at polling places. i go back to this image in texas or in ohio where somebody's trying to vote, but they don't have the neces
and furious". that is also part of foreign policy. but we're not hearing about the fact that mexico's oil is declining in both production and distribution. that canada is being pushed toward china. then you deal with the extent problem which is an administration for all the world looks like right now it has lied not once but, a cereal set of lies that have been pushed forward by the administration over a six-week period. it is not a happy moment for this president to be having a debate on foreign policy. lori: add to that the fact we heard quite a bit from the governor already on his foreign policy, how he is planning to deal with china. his plans for opening up trade and so on, so forth and actually quite convincing. at least that is what -- >> i mentioned the expression dog whistle here. here is another problem. he has chavez and putin and castro endorsing obama, does. this is a loud dog whistle for the world he has, as he says to medvedev, the president of russia, the prime minister of russia now, he will have more flexibility after four years. there are higher values at work here in t
got horrible things happening across the border in mexico. there is a lot of alliances being built by ahmadinejad in latin america with hugo chavez. we need to focus on our back yard and pay it some attention for real. >> that's a good point. especially with chavez's latest victory. >> my piece of advice is for our nation's biggest employer. and that's walmart that has had a really rough year. you start with the cover-ups of the bribing in mexico, obviously the ongoing sex discrimination class action. now you've got for the first time in its history strikes all across the country. the warehouse workers, terrible abuse conditions and we're moving into the holiday shopping season. my advice to walmart would be to say, okay, we're the most profitable employer, we are the most profitable corporation, we could actually raise wages and this would be great for america. it would be a flag-waving moment. it's totally within walmart's power to do that. they could do that. >> that's great. thanks so much for joining us for unslus sited advice today. wolf, back to you. >> margaret, thanks very
to start a small fleet of oil stream is sympathetic to work in the gulf of mexico. it's as a small-business affiliated to a larger parent company. >> moderator: congressman. west: i could tell you you continue to represent yourself as a cpa, but as i understand you're not cpa registered in the state of florida and you're misleading people as far as your credentials and that's a big concern i have. we have to be truthful people want to know about qualifications. when it comes to small business, i've sat on the small business committee. every single person a concept that we have to give them stability with our tax code. that's what they voted on. as a matter of fact you're talking about flat tax. we cannot continue to look as we raise taxes on the top two brackets, which is something that is a big concern. 33%, 35 to 96. it will kill small business in effect to buy one small businesses in united states of america. deloitte and touche, national federation of independent businesses put that out. we have to pray stability and that's what i'm fighting to do. >> moderator: rebuttal on the
to mission chrome in new mexico, as well as his family and friends. >> i had tears in my eyes when i was coming back. >> reporter: his parachute deployed and felix glided safely back to earth. >> let me tell you, when i was standing there on top of the world, you become so humble, you want to come back alive, you know, because you do not want to die in front of your parents, your girlfriend and all these people watching this. >> reporter: felix baum garth.er is with us exclusively. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> can you believe you did that? >> it is still hard to understand what happened. but slowly, it's coming. >> starting to sink in a little bit? wh what's it like to watch that video now? >> kind of interesting, it represents exactly what i thought was going to happen because i have been told that i'm going to spin and there's no way to not spin. and the problem is you have to find a solution how to stop the spin because you cannot practice for supersonic speed. you either go for it or you don't. but the time you step off, you have about 40 seconds to find out how to st
're looking at multiple scenarios. they're looking at winning mexico and the west, iowa and the midwest along with michigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania. you win those states you win re-election. that's what it boils down to. so you're still competing in virginia and north carolina and in florida. but you know exactly what's numero uno for the obama campaign. >> it was a big wean ntd for newspaper endorsements. newspapers around the country came out with who they support. mitt romney picked up endorsements in florida, orlando sentinel, tampa tribune, the pittsburgh tribune review, union leader. president obama with a bunch of newspapers, including the cleveland plain dealer, and the "denver post." roland, newspapers are not what they used to be. do the endorsements still matter? >> 2004, president george w. bush's wins ohio by 110,000 votes, he's re-elected. 2008, senator obama wins north carolina by 14,000 votes. in the end by less than one%, barely loses missouri to senator john mccain. so when you're in a tight election, if an endorsement could potentially give you 5,000, 10,000 votes, t
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